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Discover Winnsboro

A few years before the American Revolution, the man called Richard Winn came from Virginia to the area in South Carolina that is today known as Fairfield County. Because his lands were known as “Wynnsborough”, the village Winnsboro was laid out and chartered upon the petition of the General Richard Winn, John Vanderhorst and Colonel John Winn, back in the year 1785.

History of Winnsboro

In the year 1780, when Lord Cornwallis spent here the winter following the loss of the British and Loyalists, the village of Winnsborough had only several dwellings, more specifically 20. By the year 1794, when Eli Whitney obtained a patent for cotton gin, Fairfield County was knows as one of the biggest producers of cotton in the South Carolina. Then Richard Carthcart built in 1830 the imposing building that currently houses Fairfield County Museum.

The basis of the first school was put in 1777 and both low-country families and up-country children were educated here. When the famous educator Catherine Ladd purchased Richard Carthcart’s home, she set up a boarding school for the education of young ladies. But during the war the Winnsboro Women Institute closed and the educator opened Soldiers’ Aid Association, where she organized girls and women in town to produce the Confederates’ clothing and foodstuffs.

After the war, the village was barely surviving and Catherine Ladd put many efforts in bringing prosperity back in Winnsboro. She wrote beautiful poetry and plays that she published in national magazines. In addition to this, she conducted musical productions and theatrical acts to support her townsfolk survive these challenging times. She helped people a lot and she definitely changed the course of things. Why don’t you come to Winnsboro and discover more interesting facts related to the history of this town?